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Using Clusterxl_admin down/up on members with differnet versions


I'm upgrading my active/standby cluster from R80.20 to R81.10.

I will be upgrading the standby member, and will then want to manually failover to the upgraded memebr.

Usually I use the 'ClusterXL_admin down' command for manual failovers, but I"m not sure how and if it will work when the two members are in different versions.

What will be the best way to failover to the upgraded member in such a case, with a minimum downtime, if any?



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After the first node is upgraded to R81.10 you need to activate the Multi-Version Cluster Mechanism.

"(MVC) mechanism synchronizes connections between Cluster Members that run different versions.

You can upgrade to a newer version without a loss in connectivity and test the new version on some of the Cluster Members before you decide to upgrade the rest of the Cluster Members."


You may also have a look at the R81.10 Upgrade Guide: 



As mentioned already, MVC is the answer. Follow the upgrade guide, this is your best option.

For any other version, where MVC is not available, run cpstop to bring down the active cluster member and to failover to the upgraded standby one.

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Just to make it clear - I don't HAVE to use the MVC? It's just an option?

Also, I see in the guide that if using MVC I will have to install policy twice for every change I make until both members are in the same version. Is that the same case if I don't use the MVC?

In short, what are the benefits of using the mvc?


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You will find different approaches more detailed in the guide. One option could be:

0) Backup your environment and dont make policy changes during the upgrade process of the cluster

1) Upgrade the first gateway and install the latest JHF

2) Change Cluster Object in SMS to R81.10 (you may also need to upgrade your SMS and Smart Event first)

3) Activate MVC

4) Install the policy from your SMS on your cluster and select the Install Mode "Install on each selected gateway independently". The installation will fail on the R80.20 gateway, but should be successful on your R81.10 gateway.

5) Now you can use clusterXL_admin down on your R80.20 node, because MVC in enabled. If you try to use it without MVC the command will not work (at least on R80.40 it did not work)


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