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Useful SNMP OIDs

Hey guys,

we are currently moving from scalable platform back to classic vsx gateways.

The machines are monitored with asg commands. But as you know they do not exist in security gateways.

Features like throughput, connection rate etc. are only visible in cpview, and exist as OID only on scalable platforms. (see Quantum Scalable Chassis R81 Administration Guide)


So what would be the most useful OIDs?

I currently go with

. Concurrent Connections
. Load Average Last Minute
. Load Average Last 5 Minutes
. Load Average Last 15 Minutes
. Free Ram in KB


What does your monitoring say?



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Maybe some of those commands will be available in R82 🙂
But seriously, you might also want to review Skyline, as it seems OpenTelemetry is the way forward:

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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