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Upgrade from R80.30 to R80.40 for Openserver VSX


We are trying to upgrade from R80.30 VSX running VSLS to R80.40 on an openserver.
Currently on latest R80.30 HFA214 with 1905 CPUSE agent.

Stuggeled to find what image to actaully use for the upgrade This due to that R80.40 was supported with openservers on HFA 25.
but we belived that we found it

"To upgrade directly to the new default version (GA Take 294 + latest GA Jumbo Hotfix Take) with Blink images, refer to sk165456."

After downloading it and adding to CPUSE.
The following verification error was given.

installer verify 1
Info: Initiating verify of blink_image_1.1_Check_Point_R80.40_T294_JHF_T48_SecurityGateway.tgz...
Interactive mode is enabled. Press CTRL + C to exit (this will not stop the operation)
Result: Verifier results Package: blink_image_1.1_Check_Point_R80.40_T294_JHF_T48_SecurityGateway.tgz Clean Install: Installation is allowed. Upgrade: The following results are not compatible with the package:
- Machine's configuration is 'VSX'
The R80.40 image you have imported is not supported for upgrade on:
- Cloud environments (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service and Aliyun).
- ClusterXL in Load Sharing mode with IPSec VPN blade enabled (this limitation does not apply to VSX in VSLS mode).
- Environments with network groups that contain Data Center objects
This R80.40 image is allowed for upgrade only on a machine with 64bit CPU


When trying to make the installer upgrader the option was not possible.
So only clean install seam to be an option.

Anyone tryed it so far and what image did you guys use for it?

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi @Magnus-Holmberg ,

First, the image you used is the correct Blink image.

Can you please run the following in expert mode:

da_cli collect_logs

and send the output tgz file so it can be reviewed?

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@shlomip Sure, where do you want us to send it?

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

@Magnus-Holmberg ,

You can send to my mail (see in my profile) if it is not a large file

or you can upload to FTP i can pick it up from ( and send me the link in mail)

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