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Unable to run Ping command via custom RBA role R80.40

i have integrated my Checkpoint with ISE via RADIUS protocol.. i am trying to configure a Read only profile for L1 users.

i configured a read only rba role as follows:




domain-type System

virtual-system access all

read-write-feature ext_ping

read-write-feature vsx

read-write-feature virtual-system

read-write-feature cluster_ha

read-write-feature ext_cphaprob


I want L1 users to check HA status and do ping checks but they are getting the following error in respective commands

>check cluster state

/bin/cphaprob_start: line 6 /etc/profie.d/ Permission Denied

cluster_pro  Failed to show cluster state


>set virtual-system 2 


SUPSH0361 Failure setting current vrfid to 2


How can i resolve these ? 





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