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Unable to remove a VTI interface from the firewall

Hi All,

I am currently facing an issue when trying to remove a vpn tunnel (VTI) used for a route based vpn.

The infrastructure is based on a R80.30 cluster and I was able to remove this VTI on the standby node.

The only difference between the 2 nodes is related to how the static routes were tested on the active node during the S2S VPN route based setup:


set static-route NETWORK nexthop gateway logical vpntX on


The message I get when trying to remove it as below:

delete vpn tunnel X

"VpntErr0005 There is a static or default route by name for interface vpntX"


I have tried putting the static route back with nexthop address, disable the route, disable the interface, but



Stuck on this and really would appreciate any idea. Maybe a way to remove this interface  from the expert mode?!?!



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You mention disabling the route, but did you delete it?

set static-route NETWORK nexthop gateway logical vpntX off


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I think that deleting a route is possible by switching off that static route "off" CLI command in the end, am I wrong?

Trying any delete CLI command:
> delete static-route
CLINFR0329 Invalid command:' delete static-route '

> delete route
CLINFR0329 Invalid command:' delete route '.

Not able to find any other command.

Can you please help me with the appropriate command?

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Setting the route to 'off' deletes it. Anything else leaves it in the config, still referencing the VTI.

set static-route NETWORK nexthop gateway logical vpntX off

You should also look for any other routes referencing that VTI and remove them.

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That is the problem it seems I do not have any other configuration related to that interface except of:

add vpn tunnel X type numbered local remote peer SOMEONE

set interface vpntX comments "SOMEONE"
set interface vpntX state off
set interface vpntX mtu 1500

As I stated previously the only thing that I have done differently in this occasion is testing the route by using not an address but the actual logical interface, then I changed to referring address:  

So from -> set static-route NETWORK nexthop gateway logical vpntX on

To -> set static-route NETWORK nexthop gateway address priority 1 on

I have deleted the routes related to this IP/interface.

Some other thing I have noticed, if I put back the static route like I did the test in the beginning:

set static-route NETWORK  nexthop gateway logical vpntX on

and try to delete the interface by :

delete vpn tunnel X

I get the below messages:

This interface is used by the Dynamic Routing Protocols:
This interface is used by the Dynamic Routing Protocols:
Please remove this configuration before deleting the vpn tunnel interface
VpntErr0005 Dynamic Routing Protocols present on VPNT

If the behavior would be "normal", I would be able to delete the interface by just doing:

delete vpn tunnel X

This seems not the case and I'm not able to find a solution to this. I have found some similar situation described by someone some time ago:

Maybe this information ring a bell 😊

Thank you for the support so far.

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Experiencing this on 81.10 as well

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Hello @dphonovation,

If I remember correctly, what made it work was a reboot.

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Hi @Sky,


Can you please share show configurations of your static routes and show route?

looks like you have some route that leading through this VTI.




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