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Unable to install R80.40 on 6200P appliance using ISO on USB

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has had issues installing R80.40 on 6200P appliances.  I used Check_Point_R80.40_T294.iso from sk160736 and the latest isomorphic tool to build the bootable USB, however the install failed to find storage drivers for the CD.  I even tried mounting the ISO to virtual CD via the LOM and got the same error, so I doubt the USB drive I used was the problem.  I did try another USB drive, but got the same error.  The USB drive was used to install R80.20 across the fleet and also worked with R80.30.  I resorted to installing R80.30 on the 6200P appliance from the USB drive, which worked without issue.  Are there some drivers missing from the R80.40 ISO?




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@Jonne_Hannon ,

Are you using latest ISOMorphic build from sk65205 

and USB2.0 DOK?


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