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URL Filtering for two laptops

Hey team,

I'm in the process of setting up two laptops for our production staff to use to clock in and out throughout the day. In the effort to ensure that these machines are used only for these functions, I want to block access to all websites and urls except for the url(s) associated with our web based time clock. Only these two machines will be locked down / restricted in this fashion.

My first attempt at this was this:




This does not work. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong.

Please note that I am completely self taught on all things Checkpoint

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Thank you,



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Your picture did not make it to your post, so I can't see what you did.
Also, it would be helpful if you elaborated on what version/JHF level you're using.
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I apologize for just now seeing this and getting back to you. I didn't have my notifications set correctly

At the time of the Post, we were running R80.30 and I can't remember the JHF take but it would have been close to current.

We since have scrapped the plan for these two laptops and have moved to a card clock in system which was much easier to manage for other, security unrelated reasons

Thank you for taking the time to answer and again I'm sorry for not replying

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