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To block 18264 on CheckPoint External Firewall

Hi All,

Need your guy's advice on how to block port 18264 on external interface of checkpoint firewall access.
As CheckPoint Support not recommended to disabled the "Accept Control Connection", it will blocking traffic on this port can impact Firewall SMS communication, and VPN authentication among other services. 

Understand that after disabled the "Accept Control Connection", we can create explicit rules to control the traffic.

It will need a lot of effort on explicit rules since our SMS having more than 10 gateways.

Is there an alternative way to block port 18264 ?

We had tried below solution, however, it's still accessible to port 18264 on external interface

Add an static NAT rule and NAT it to null IP (Implied rule goes first, so NATing is not working)


- Manually change the implied_rule.def 

-> //#define ENABLE_PORTAL_HTTP_REDIRECT in implied rules


-Modified the implied_rule.def
Change it to:  // #define ENABLE_FW1_ICA_SERVICES
(add // before #) 

Kindly adsie on this.

Thank you

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What is the version of gateway and management in question?
Note if the gateway and management are different versions, you may have to apply this fix in multiple locations (i.e. in the various backward compatibility directories).

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Personally, I would NEVER modify implied rules, thats a big security issue, at least for me. Also, how are you testing that access? via telnet or some other way? I would really like to see it for myself on the remote session if you are up for that, so you can show me exactly how this is configured.

Let me know.


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I referred to sk105719 and blocked the 18264 port with /* */. (from implied_rule.def)

If the version of the management server and gateway is different, refer to sk92281.
Blocking it is not recommended if you are using a VPN.

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