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Sync Interface Sizing


I am about to build a VSX cluster and am going round in circles on the sync interface.

I've decided that it will be a port channel of 2 but I can't decide on whether it needs to be 10Gb or not.

Currently we have a VSX pair with a mix of 1Gb / 10Gb interface north and south, about 5 VS's and 2 x 1Gb for the sync and it works fine.

The new pair will have a mix of 1Gb, 10Gb, and 7 VS's and the same mix of 1Gb / 10Gb interfaces.

I am trying to decide whether I should be using 10Gb for the sync... I'm not really sure the full detail of what is on it and if it needs to be sized cautiously.

Any advice please?

Many thanks

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we had an interesting discussion in the summer about this:

ClusterXl synchronization network bandwidth 

From my point of view, 2x 1GB is enough for your sync interface, there is no need for 10GB.