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Strange ( periodic ) packet loss

Good afternoon.

We have a cluster (HA) of 15600 with R80.40 actual JHF. Faced with a problem - some time after restarting the active node, starts losing packets. I.e. everything is working fine, then suddenly a couple (usually 2) packets are lost. Rebooting the active device - the problem goes away for a while, but then comes back.

Our scheme - the CP cluster by 10 Gb SFP+ port on interface card is connected to the core switch, from which VLANs are going through a large multi-storey building. The gateway for all is the CP.

Looked for errors on the CP port toward the switch - no errors. Decided to find a new little switch and try to connect a test segment of users through it for test (now serching for witch). fw ctl zdebug drop show nothing.... While we are looking for a switch, maybe you can offer some ideas on debugging, please.

On screen we pings gateway for this net (on on CP's VLAN port) and google DNS server.


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