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Startup problem with 3.10 kernel on OpenServer with many interfaces


This week I had a weird problem. With all interfaces connected the firewall will not start.

When we disconnected 1 bond interface with a number of VLANs the unit started fine.

Then it turned out that we have another customer with the same issue. It seems to be if you have over 172 interfaces on the firewall.

I have no suitable hardware to test this. I have not yet found found time to test this on a VM with the 3.10 kernel.

 1. Has anyone else seen this issue? (Anyone with open tickets?)

 2. Did someone find a soulution/workaround?

Regards, Hugo.


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It seems to occur on R80.20 and R80.30
I have seen it fail on R80.30 With Jumbo Hotfix Take 195
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