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Standalone R77.30 Management Station migration to R80.80 with new IP


I have a task where I need to migrate from a standalone R77.30 management VM (on VMWare ESX) to a new R80.40 (also VMware ESX).

My question is : currently licensing is centralized and linked to current R77.30 system. The new one will be on another R80.40 subnet/IP address. Can't find any documentation around how to migrate the licenses smoothly/controlled way to new IP, is there any? What about the currently managed gateways, is there any risk they might loose access to licensing ?




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If you need to change the licensed IP, contact Account Services to assist.
Evaluation licenses can be used in the meantime to allow you to perform the migration.

Note the new IP won't take effect on the gateways until you push policy from the newly upgraded manager with the different IP, which will be needed to re-establish SIC.
Licenses with the new management IP will need to be applied after that (assuming central licenses).
Note that changing licenses is generally best performed during a maintenance window.
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