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Spinning up Virtual on 5400/5600 - Licensing and Resource Allocation.

Hi, I am considering replacing couple of 4400's with 5400s/5600's.  Keen to create virtual route domains on the appliance/cluster to help improve on the design. (Vsys?)

I believe the platform itself supports upto 20 virtuals but not able to establishing licensing or resource allocation methods/process . 

Appreciate if you could help.


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There are licensing considerations on both gateway and management for Virtual Systems (see the datasheet). Typically more memory is also advantageous in such systems (gateway).

CoreXL instances & Connection table values within Dashboard help manage your available resources (cpu/men) at a basic level,more advanced config available via CLI but typically only useful in systems with more cores.

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If you just want virtual route domains and you're running OSPF, you don't need VSX as R80.20 supports this.
This will be much more lightweight than VSX which creates multiple virtual security gateways on the same hardware.
If you really need 20 VSes, a 5400 or 5600 may not be adequate.
Highly recommend you reach out to your local Check Point SE to discuss your exact requirements in detail.
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VSX is very flexible and scalable technology allowing virtual security gateways (called Virtual Systems), virtual switches or even virtual routers (not very common). The number of VSs in a platform depends on the license, hardware platform, amount of traffic and enabled software blades.

As Phoneboy mentioned discuss with your local Check Point team about the best solution for your needs.

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