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Snapshot export

Hi There,

Created a snapshot on a 15400 VSX running R80.30 prior to upgrade it to R81.10; trying to export it to /var/tmp/, got the below message:

"NMSNAP0042 Snapshot can be exported just to user home directory in the current partition."

Then changed the export path to /home/admin to get a message complaining about disk space:

"NMSNAP9999 Cannot export snapshot, insufficient space in /home/admin/. Space required: 49.66GB"

Not sure the reason Dev guys are forcing us to use a particular path, but can you think of a workaround (set vsx mode off and try to download it via GUI?)




Ps:  you guessed it the /dev/mapper/vg_splat-lv_current -where the /home/admin belongs, got a size of only 30G

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Hi @_Daniel_ ,
regarding the snapshot size and location - there is no much that can be done regarding the export flow.
few options - 

1. change the partition size - sk95566

2. taking Gaia backup instead of snapshot - much smaller but does not contain all files that snapshot does.

3. During CPUSE upgrade the old partition (in this case 80.30) will be saved as the upgrade will be performed on a new partition




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Might be barking up the wrong tree but isn't default export path /var/log/snapshot or something? At least /var/log typically is the largest..

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Thanks Greg,

I certainly took a backup, but the snapshot was a double safeguard.

Didn't have much luck with the GUI, I ended up biting the bullet and going for the upgrade -considering member 2 snapshot exported OK, btw the upgrade had few minor hiccups but was eventually successful. 

Couldn't find any useful documentation on which folders are included in the snapshot -in an effort to try and make it smaller; member 2's snapshots was around 11GB



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