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I have a problem - when https inspection in enable SFB Web app doesn't work. 

I add all known FQDNs, ips and networks for SFB (according )and FQDN conference server in bypass rule but it still doesn't work .

SFB bypass.JPG

I can download plugin, install and enter in the waiting room, but when I'm invited in the main room there is the error "network connection problem". On the gateway I can see logs bypass traffic to the goal destination.  

However if I add source ip  in bypass rule for all traffic (to the Internet) SFB Web app works.

All bypass.JPG

And on the gateway I can see logs bypass traffic to the same goal destination as previously. 


In application control blade I have allowed rule for Skype For Business (Lync), Skype For Business (Lync) - sharing, Skype For Business (Lync) - voice and video and Skype.

Anyone have any advice?

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TAC case is probably needed to troubleshoot this.

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