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Site-to-Site Star VPN with dual-ISP

Hello everyone,

My customer wanna deploy a site-to-site like this:




First ISP Link works, but when i switch to Second ISP Link, VPN goes down.

what i did is: 

- On FW at left side, i create a star community with the center and the remote satellite; i selected in link selection "Use probing. Redundancy mode: HA" and putting in the box the two public IPs

- On FW at right side, i did a star community with two satellite gateways, each one with one pubblic IP address


VPN works only with link ISP 1, any suggestion? MEP can helps? thank you


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What is actually at the other end?
MEP and/or ISP Redundancy will likely be required here.

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Hello PhoneBoy,

thanks for the reply. ISP Load Sharing Redundancy si already enabled. On both side we have two CP 1400 series.

anyway i had luck with the configuration described above; maybe something went wrong with pre-shared key.

hope my conf will help


thank you!


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