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Sandblast cloud email protection


We are using the Sandblast email protection in pilot. Using anti-virus + treat emulation + treat extraction. We are using option convert to pdf. 

We have noticed the following items :

-> existing pdf files also get modified. We use font Calibri and this font is being converted to a Symbol set , rendering the output unreadable. see attached example

-> We are also experiencing large file size differences in cleaned pdf files. From 4 MB to 30 MB.

We have modified the treat level to only High but this does not modify the behavior. Can we modify this ?


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Typically this kind of thing would happen if we don't support the fonts in the PDF. I would recommend creating a ticket with support to investigate.

If you want this to work in the meantime, you can switch Threat Extraction to 'Clean' rather than 'Convert' and this should work around the issue in the meantime.


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