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Sandblast MTA - troubleshooting in.emaild.mta problems

Hey checkmates,

we are running Sandblast 250TEX on R77.30 Take 11 and yes i know that's not supported any more and it's (very) old.

Questions are:

1. in /opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/tmp/email_tmp/ are a lot of files (e-mails) and directories (same as e-mail with _D) with about 280GB in size (more than 90.000 files/dirs).

Q1? Were these e-mails send to our Exchange or are they still waiting for forwarding?

Q2? Is there any command to resend/forward them manually (again)?

Q3? I read in a doc that the E-Mail processing on a Sandblast MTA with TE
> in.emaild.mta (localhost:10025)
> in.emaild.mta (localhost:10026)
> Postfix

to which in.emaild.mta the directory with temp files matches.. in.emaild.mta (:10025) or in.emaild.mta (:11026).. in other words is it before or after TED?

2. In our SMS log I see two alerts. The first says: "there are 14 bounced mails" and the second says: "there seems to be
a delay for more than xxxx hours.. sk108878". The SK isn't really helpful without starting debugging, what will be the next step.

Q4? Where are the 14 mails? or at least, how can i find them? Any ideas where to start?

3. In our /opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/log/emaild.mta.elg* are 2 messages for more than 2 years saying:

"TEScanParal::getExceptionInfo: Invalid MD5 string"
"Notice: an email is being delayed"

Q5? Any idea about the "invalid MD5 string"? Maybe this has something to do with these many files in /opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/tmp/email_tmp/ ?

Q6? Does this "being delayed" match to the alert "there seems to be a delay for more than xxxx hours?" in the log?

I really would appreciate your help and I know it's an old version but last time we tried to update an CP appliance (R80.10 to R80.40) it was a nightmare an after 1 month of debugging/troubleshooting we had to go back, so we're not very lucky with CP updates ;( in history.


Really thank u for ur support, Rainier

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