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SandBlast and MTA monitoring


We plan to monitor the performance of the MTA and SandBlast equipment.

Primary, we want to monitoring work SandBlast and MTA in Zabbix by OID's.

Could you share some personal experience of the what we should monitor first?

I have created a plan to monitor the following metrics: CPU utilization, free disk space, interface availability, free RAM. Also on the TE Blade I put up monitoring the use of current VM and queues on the SandBlast. 

Maybe I should additionally monitor to detect SandBlast and MTA failures in time?

Second, maybe some personal practices that I should be monitoring in the SmartConsole? Any logs or reports to know that the system is working correctly?

I'm not expert at SandBlast and MTA, su any practical advice would be appreciated. 

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There is MTA monitoring in SmartView.

From an SNMP perspective please see:

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