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SNMP Issue -- i have added trap2sink ip community at /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf but still snmp is not happenning, can you help me in configuring snmp on R71.20

i tried the following

1. Enable SNMP on SecurePlatform OS.
2. Configure SNMP on SecurePlatform OS.
3. Add the relevant security rules in SmartDashboard to allow SNMP traffic and install policy.

 Enabling the SNMP on SecurePlatform OS
1. Connect to the SecurePlatform CLI (over SSH, or console).
2. Log in to Expert Mode.
3. Enable the SNMP Extension:
A. Go to 'CPconfig' menu:

[Expert@HostName]# cpconfig
B. Select 'SNMP Extension'.
C. Enter 'y' at the prompt and press the Enter key.
D. Enable the SNMP service:

[Expert@HostName]# snmp service enable

But snmp error -- >

18:45:16.115708 >  C=M0n1t0r GetNextRequest(25)  . (DF)

18:45:17.116819 >  C=M0n1t0r GetNextRequest(25)  . (DF)

18:45:18.118169 >  C=M0n1t0r GetNextRequest(25)  . (DF)

18:45:19.119519 >  C=M0n1t0r GetNextRequest(25)  . (DF)

18:45:20.120868 >  C=M0n1t0r GetNextRequest(25)  . (DF)

18:45:21.121221 >  C=M0n1t0r GetNextRequest(25)  . (DF)

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