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Restrict access to LOM

Hello to all. I have use this forum a lot to solve some issues with CP products but this is the first time to post here. Yesterday I upgraded our customers 6200 from R81.10 to R81.20 take 41 I also upgrade the lom firmware from 6.10 to 6.20 Then I started to wonder what is the actual idea of the lom security. I read a lot documents but haven't found anything how to restrict the access to the lom. If we just connect it to the internet anyone can access to the login page of lom. But what is the point having lom just connected behind the firewall when it comes useless if the firewall fails for some reason and customer needs remote support.

Or maybe I just have missed something or haven't found anything to restirct the traffic.


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As far as I can find this is not possible. I see it is possible in other LOM cards but not this one. 

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Typically it would be connected to a management network or other out-of-band network where access into it is limited. 

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