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Redirect NTP and DNS requests through NAT

Hi Team,


One of our customers needs to redirect all outbound NTP requests to the Internet to their internal NTP server only so that when internal users try to hit an external NTP server they’re really talking to the customer’s internal NTP server – and be none the wiser. The customer wants to do the same with the DNS requests. The goal is to prevent users from using external NTP and DNS servers without reconfiguring their laptops.


This seems like an easy thing to do with NAT, and we found out that some vendors provide a solution through NAT, but Check Point doesn't allow us to configure a NAT rule with Many-to-One in the destination field.

Here is essentially what the customer wants to do: And attached is a screen capture of the NAT rule we are trying to install with no success.


Is there any NAT trick that can be used to get this to work? 

The customer is open to implementing a workaround if we can provide one.




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Covered here:
Basically you'll have to create several NAT rules for "common" DNS/NTP servers people use and block the rest.
For something more elegant, it's likely an RFE and, given you're an employee, should engage internally with Solution Center.
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