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Radius External Authentication and Identity Collector Stopped Working on Cluster Member Failover

Hi All,

We’ve upgraded our Checkpoint Gateways from R81 to R81.10.

We are using Identity Awareness for End Users and Radius Authentication for Admin Access.

After upgraded whenever failover happen between cluster members, the IDC service and Radius Authentication Service stopped working for one and half hour. During that one and half hour , all user access become denied and administrator authentication also failed. After one and half hours waiting, all service begin working automatically. Our Checkpoint is running VSX Cluster.

It’s very problematic as we need to wait one and half hours before service begin back to normal. We’ve upgraded our checkpoint last 2 months ago and has been troubleshooting on this with TAC but not getting any result. Now we can’t also roll back to old version.

We also updated hotfix again and again and now using take 87 but not resolved. Also upgraded IDC version on server side but the issue still happening.

Any idea to suggest on this issue ?

Thank you so much.


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Employee Employee

For context how is your 'connection persistence' setting currently configured.... Keep or rematch?

Do you see Radius traffic sent & arrive at the radius server, does it have the correct NAS IP address specified in the request?

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