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R80.40 -fwaccel dos blacklist-Questions


I want to using the fwaccel dos blacklist command, and I have some questions 

1. Max length command : 

I generate with python script the next command:

fwaccel dos blacklist -a -a -a -a .......

(for block many  IP address on one CLI command )

What is the maximum length/characters that I can put on one line command ? config-state:

I check the config state after run the fwaccel dos blacklist command ,

I found that the config state is always in :"saved" .

from my conclusions there is no need to run save command after the  fwaccel dos blacklist command, am I right ?

2.Blacklist survey reboot:

The blacklist is delete after the FW is performed a reset/reboot ?


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I believe clish has a limit, but not sure on the exact number of characters.
Expert mode likely has a much higher limit (depends on the bash shell).
Note: for a particularly large number of IPs, you can load the IPs from a file.

Configuration automatically saved: it depends.
Refer to the above SK for details.

Blacklist: cleared on reboot.
However, the above SK talks about a way to preload the blacklist.

Put IPs in a file and load it with fwaccel batch load option (-l). Place the command in $FWDIR/conf/fwaccel_dos_rate_on_install and it will be re-loaded on boot.


Hello, Thank for help.

I  accept You are advice and run the command from the Expert mode.

My specific scenario to load TEXT file is not good, Only to Block IP with CLI command 

I will try to run the command: "fwaccel dos blacklist -a -a -a -a ....... " from GW and check the maximum characters length

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