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R80.40 VSX - All HTTP/S traffic dropped

R80.40 VSX with IA/URLF/APPC & AB/AV/TE Take 67. 

All traffic went their merry way until suddenly, all HTTP/S traffic stopped working (intra & inter - net). No drops seen in logs.

After the usual troubleshooting of networks and applications, a debug showed the following:


@;2841518;[vs_1];[tid_1];[fw4_1];fw_log_drop_ex: Packet proto=6 <src:port> -> <dst:port> dropped by fwmultik_process_f2p_cookie_inner Reason: PSL Drop: internal - reject enabled


Checking the support center directed me to sk 109777 then sk33328 which does not apply to VSX and this setup wasn't migrated, it's new so I had no direct solution. Failover didn't help.

The issue was solved by disabling TP blades and uninstalling the TP policy on the VS. As soon as I reactivated the TP profile (no IPS, AB/AV/TE), the issue appeared again until I switched it off and unloaded the TP policy.

I've opened a TAC SR.

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That definitely sounds like TAC case territory,

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