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R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator General Availability Take 103

R80.20 Jumbo HotFix - General Availability Take 103 (26 August 2019, GA from 22 September 2019) has already been discussed here as Ongoing Take. The GA also additionally has received a new dashboard on August 29th 2019, the SmartConsole package Build 067.

HotFixes have been included for Security Management, Multi-Domain Management, SmartProvisioning, Identity Awareness, Secure/Core/ClusterXL, Security Gateway, Logging and more. The Jumbo Take is completely independent from MTA Update HF (currently Take 49) - but the R80.20 T101 MABDA HF from sk113410 has to be uninstalled and installed again after Jumbo install.

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Some very nice new/restored features in this GA Jumbo HFA Take 103 for R80.20:

  • Added sim module parameter "sim_anti_spoofing_enabled" to allow disable of anti-spoofing in Performance Pack without installing new Firewall policy.
  • The Fast Acceleration feature lets you define trusted connections to allow bypassing deep packet inspection. This feature significantly improves throughput for these trusted high volume connections and reduces CPU consumption.
  • A new feature for process tracking was added. If the restart occurs, a 'pstree' command is logged and the process that caused the restart can be tracked.


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