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R80.10 Upgrade on 21600 Gateway

Has anyone upgraded from R77.30 to R80.10 on a Checkpoint 21600 appliance?  If so, did you run into any upgrade or compatibility issues?  The firewall does support R80.10, however, with it being out of Engineering Support, we'd like to proceed with caution.

Appliance Product/Model

StatusGeneral AvailabilityEnd of SaleSuccessor ModelSuccessor Product AvailabilityEnd of Engineering SupportEnd of SupportSupported Software Versions
21600 ApplianceActiveOct-1231-Oct-14 21700Feb-1331-Oct-201731-Oct-2019R80.10, R77, R76, R75
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I have not heard of any issues unique to the 21000 series of appliances when upgrading to R80.10.

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Employee Employee

Looking at the HW specs it should be more than capable of running R80.10 - all depends how loaded is the system and how much of advanced blades you are running. If it's mostly plain firewalling I would not worry too much. Plus CP has rubber-stamped it as OK for R80.10 Smiley Happy

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