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R77 Error exporting policy


      Everybody, My client needs to export the configuration of the management server, such as object, rulebase and standard policy;and Exported object and rulebase via scp, But using the command "cp_merge export_policy -u admin -p *******-l Standard -f backpol.policycp_megre"   the following error message is reported:

"Enter Server name (ENTER for 'localhost'):
ERROR: Could not open the database.
Make sure that the server 'localhost' is up and running." 

And  their environment is a multi-domain environment.

does anyone know the general reason? Or how to troubleshoot step by step?

PS, os version is R77.20

thanks a lot.


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As the error says:
Are you doing this on a Multi Domain server?
Did you change the context to the correct CMA (mdsenv)?
The typo "policycp_megre" in the filename is not made during the actual merge?
Regards, Maarten
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