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Question of creating subinterface in ClusterXL environment.

Hi Team , 

We need to create a new subinterface on Checkpoint firewall in existing production environment.

Is below steps are correct ?Or Any addition/modification is required.

Also what preventive measure we need to take (other than backup, snapshot) .

We are having Check Point 12600/R80.20 T118 , Management server is on R80.20 , T202 ,Virtual image 

Step 1.Stopping ClusterXL in Standby device #clusterXL_admin down

Step 2.Creating interfaces on Standby device
Standby_FW#add interface eth1-02 vlan 481
Standby_FW#set interface eth1-02.481 ipv4-address x.x.x.2 subnet-mask y.y.y.y
#Standby_FW#set interface eth1-02.481 state on

Step 3.Creating interfaces in Active device
Active_FW#add interface eth1-02 vlan 481
Active_FW#set interface eth1-02.481 ipv4-address x.x.x.3 subnet-mask y.y.y.y
Active_FW#set interface eth1-02.481 state on

Step 4.Changing cluster properties
Smartconsole >Cluster Object >Get interfaces without topology >
Add the new interface to Cluster topology(Virtual IP x.x.x.1)
Save and install the policy

Step 5.Making standby up again
Standby_FW#clusterXL_admin up

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Employee Employee

For more information please see sk57100.

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