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Quantum Appliances Technical Aspects TechTalk: Video, Q&A, & Slides

On 20 May 2020, @Yaron_Weiler and @Guy_Maoz did a technical overview of the Quantum Security Appliances we released during 2020.

Content available to CheckMates members:

Q&A below

I purchased a 3600 Turbo model a month ago and I see this is no longer available and now see it as the 3800. Are they the same appliance? Can they be run in High Availability together?

Hardware-wise, these are exactly the same appliance, and thus can be used in a ClusterXL HA configuration.

How do you calculate the 2.5x greener label?

We compare the worst-case power and maximum power consumption versus the competition on the same segment and the same rack-space.

We were told that Quantum supports only R80.40 and that they can be managed by an R80.20 management. Is this correct?

Some of the appliances come with R80.30, others with R80.40, both of which can be managed with R80.20 and the relevant jumbo hotfix.

Does the LOM run java / html5 or something else?

Current LOM runs Java. An HTML5-only LOM is in the roadmap.

Do I need to purchase the LOM separately?

PLUS configurations come with integrated LOM.

Which Quantum Appliances Support Hyper-Threading?

6200 and up.

Does the datasheet performance numbers apply for standalone mode?

No, the datasheet numbers assume a distributed configuration.

Which Quantum Appliances Support Maestro?

6200 and up.

For the performance numbers, is that looking at the same feature set for old vs. new?  You list NGTP on the old and SandBlast on the new, but don’t clearly spell out the performance numbers….

SandBlast includes NGTP with the same feature sets that exist in the 2016 appliances.

Can Quantum HW be installed with R80.30 if needed? or is it not supported?

We plan to release R80.30 for the Quantum appliances in the coming weeks.

How does Maestro relate to the classic clustering in load-sharing mode?  Does it replace it, or is completely different and an add-on feature set?

ClusterXL Load Sharing is still supported. However, Maestro provides more flexible and efficient load sharing solution without most of the limitations and drawbacks.

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