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Quadient postage machines failed to communicate with public server via checkpoint GW

We have CP 5000 with R80.40 JHF 139 with enable enable http inspection.

I bypass the https inspection for the Quadient postage machines.

I bypass the url filtering for Quadient postage machines.

Quadient postage machines need to communicate with the public server on internet.

It is intermittent issue. but communication failed most of the time. Checkpoint support tech has investigated the issue, but he was saying that the issue is related to Quadient postage machines. Quadient postage machines support confirmed that it is related to checkpoint FW. 

I have noticed that when they properly communicate with the server, traffic is passing  through content awareness blade. 

when it failed to communicated with server traffic is not passing through content awareness blade. It just hit the firewall. ( I can see the icon on logs)

is anyone has same experience ? any solutions  would be appreciated. 


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Can you check the traffic logs for this in smart console? Also, when communication fails, are you able to doz debug command on the firewall and grep for IP in question? That would give us solid lead as far as what could be causing this.

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