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Problem with route in wrp interface and funny IP in Virtual System VSX


We have a VSX Cluster with 8 Virtual Systems in R80.30 JHF236, specifically in a Virtual System, suddenly appeared a route mask 16 by default only in the member 1 of the VSX for this virtual System in particular, this route that appeared assigned to a wrp interface, caused that several services went down, because the networks for these services, entered in that segment with mask 16, and as the network of mask 16 was assigned directly to a wrp interface, they went by another way.

It was identified that the wrp interface did not have its funny IP and instead of having it, there was the network with mask 16.

Member two of the VSX for this virtual system had the correct configuration, i.e., the wrp interface has the correct funny IP.

To recover the service, the 16 mask network that appeared directly to the wrp on member 1 was removed.

I have tried to look to see if this behavior has occurred in other scenarios, however I have been unsuccessful.

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So this happened on the active VS and what is the significance of the specific /16 route you saw i.e. was it the correct IP just wrong netmask or did it default to a different address/subnet entirely?

The only conflict of sorts that comes to mind would be a clash with the "internal communications network" which per the VSX admin guide & sk39984 it is advised to ensure this network is not used elsewhere in the environment.


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