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PrioQ on Dual core platforms

Hi Guys,

Have been considering enabling PrioQ on an appliance that suffers from spikes from time to time.

Reading PrioQ SK came across the following limitation:

Dual core limitationDual core limitation


What is this queue? is it safe to disable?

Also, is it not a better core disposition 1 SND and 1 FW for dual core platforms?

What's your take?


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As I stated in my book, 2-core firewalls are between a bit of a rock and a hard place.  The only documentation I've seen for variable fwmultik_sync_processing_enabled being set to 0 states that "This limits the CPU to handle fewer stack functions simultaneously.. ".  The other related kernel parameters are:

  • fwmultik_sync_processing_limited = 0
  • fwmultik_sync_processing_max = 2048

I guess setting fwmultik_sync_processing_enabled to 0 limits parallel processing or CPU monopolization by a Firewall Worker?  Not really sure...

Here are the relevant pages from my book covering how to handle 2-core firewalls:



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Thank you Tim!

Got your book recently from Shadowpeak. Great read 🙂

I will probably consult the TAC. 

Appreciate your reply.


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