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Primary/Secondary MPLS Firewall communication issue.

Hi Team


The issue we are facing since last 2 days is a bit new for us. 2 days ago we have upgraded the 4800 firewalls from R77.30 to R80.30 with recommended hotfixes. Since Monday we are getting some issues while communicating with remote sites. On Monday when we moved the traffic into secondary firewalls, All the remote sites access lost & user was not able to open the applications. Even not able to telnet or SSH the devices. Although we are not getting any ping dropouts, No such communication break in firewall logs file. 

Yesterday evening we faced the same issue, Primary MPLS firewall behaving the same way. Communication stopped between remote sites, All application went down. Ping status is also fine But unable to access the devices. So today we make the secondary MPLS firewall as active device & primary MPLS firewall as a standby. All the services working fine now but getting the issue after some hours. We are still not able to find out the exact issue, Why the devices behaving like this!!


Aside: After the upgrade, Management box CPU utilization is above 92-93%.


Need your valuable suggestion on this.  


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Other than the communication lost (VPN, not VPN?), any other analysis that you have done?

If you cannot figure our the reason of failure, best is to open a high priority case with TAC, so you get expert help with the diagnosing the issue and fixing it.

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Concerning your management server, please share HW details: CPUs, RAM, etc.

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