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PDF with a qualified electronic signature


Is there a way that sandblast wont remove or ignore PDFs with a qualified electronic signature (compliant to EU Regulation No 910/2014).. At the moment the "Threat Extraction" removes the signature and recreates the PDF.. The best way will be if ThreatExtraction will bypass PDF with such a signature or wont think this is "evil"

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If the signature is considered "active content" then Threat Extraction would definitely remove it. If you can provide a sample document (possibly through the TAC), someone can take a look at it.
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After 3 years -have you received any answer form TAC? I have similar problems with signed pdf and active content, like fast save data. "Normal" signed pdfs are ok and unchanged, but signed pdfs with a various active content are sanitized, what is not bad, as long as the signed version is available "long enough" - but "long enough" is being defined individually by each user. So I'm excited to know if you have received any good solution from TAC.

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Hello Folks, 

i have the same use case ...
digitally signed PDF are loosing their digital signed integrity and the digital signature is corrupted when PDF´s are passing through TE/TX.
Even when the setting on the Threat Prevention profile for encrypted mails are set to "Allow".

has somebody managed to get this running?

best regards

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