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OSPF in GAIA R77.30

Good night.

I have two geographically distant branches Offices interconnected by a private network,. Was configured, branch 1 Cluster XL load sharing multicast connected to swichtcisco nexus 7900 sharing OSPF without problems

In branch Office 2 Cluster XL unicast r77.30 connected to swicht cisco nexus 7900 sharing OSPF with no problem.

The failure occurs when branch 2 propagates its networks to branch 1 through OSPF. This should not happen, the branches should only see their networks, the OSPF Router ID configurations are totally different in each branch.

How do I avoid this situation?

Thank you for all your help.

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Employee Employee

Maybe a diagram and more details of your OSPF configuration would help understand the problem.

Please note R77.30 is no longer supported and you should consider upgrading when able.

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Thanks Chris, since the console was updated to R81.10, we are in the process of updating the equipment, it will take time. I'm going to talk to the network department to generate the diagram.

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