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OSPF Reference Bandwidth

Hello, we are planning some changes to our Internet firewalls. I would like to know how to check and change the default reference bandwidth used by OSPF calculations.

1) What is the default reference bandwidth used by checkpoint OSPF calculations? How can I verify this?

2) How do I change the reference bandwidth?**

*We are on R77

**I am not a CP admin, so the more details the better.

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I believe this is done using the OSPF Cost parameter for a given interface.

You can view the configuration either using the WebUI or the CLI.

Refer to the following documentation:  Gaia Advanced Routing R77 Versions Administration Guide 

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Thanks Dameon, I am starting to think that CP does not refer to what I am talking about using the same "language". We are a Cisco shop and OSPF costs are calculated by: COST = Reference Bandwidth / Interface Bandwidth.  

I am trying to set Checkpoints "reference bandwidth" so that our OSPF routing tables are consistent. Is there an equivalent command/config to set this value in Checkpoint? The Cisco command is auto-cost reference-bandwidth "Mbits"

We are going to start injecting a default route into our OSPF network from our CP firewalls and I want to understand this command/config in the Checkpoint world. I could statically set the cost if this is not an option within CP.


Hi Matt, 

Have you found already a solution for this issue? Currently, I am searching the required command for changing the OSPF reference bandwidth on our Checkpoint firewalls. 

Best regards,



Did you ever receive an answer for this? I'm working on our OSPF setup which will mostly handled by our Cisco devices but want to integrate our CheckPoints into it. I set the value to 10G for future proofing but I want to know I can match it on the CheckPoints.

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