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No access via ssh/webui after deleting VSX gateway

Hi mates,

please help to solve the problem: 

I created VSX gateway (R80.20)  in my test environment but deleted it soon for some reasons, as described in Checkpoint VSX R80.20 Administration Guide:

"To delete a VSX Gateway:
1. From the Gateways & Servers view or Object Explorer tree, right-click the VSX Gateway object
on the Object Tree and select Delete.
2. In the window that opens, click Yes."

Now I have no access via SSH/WebUI to Security Gateway.

Is it possible to restore the access? Or I have to reinstall the gateway?


Thank you.


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Login through the console and type: fw unloadlocal
Regards, Maarten
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Note that any change to a VSX object in SmartConsole takes effect immediately without a policy install.
Makes sense that deleting the VSX Gateway object would cause the behavior you describe.
Connecting via console and executing fw unloadlocal is pretty much your only option.
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