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New Check Point Admin - NAT over site to site VPN

I have a VPN that I need to NAT the IP addresses for my devices on. In ASA I would just create a NAT rule that was specific for that connection, as well I was able to create a NAT range for any connections that came from my internal IPs over that VPN.

I have 4 devices that need NAT'd through this VPN, traffic coming from the VPN does not need to be NAT'd but needs to reach the 4 host devices. Hope this makes sense. 


Remote Network: 10 devices with static IPs (I have no control over this network)

Local Network: 4 devices in a subnet, NAT'd IPs need to be in the


Looking for help on how the VPN, Host and Policy Rules should be built.

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There are quite a few discussions available in the community for the matter, for example:

Let me know if it helps.