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Need help in taking backup and restoring into different version and model gateway

Hi All,

Can someone please let me know how to take configuration of R80.10 version & 5600 model and restore it into R80.30 version 6500 model gateway. I would like to take backup of gateway configuration from model 5600 running with version R80.10 and restore it into model 6500 running with R80.30 Gaia platform. Please help me on the procedure to  it sucessfully. 

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If you speak of the GAIA Configuration, this is not supported. You could edit the saved configuration, though 😉

According to sk108902 - Best Practices - Backup on Gaia OS:

The built-in Gaia backup procedures:

  • Snapshot Management
  • System Backup (and System Restore)
  • Save/Show Configuration (and Load Configuration)

All methods can be used to backup your Security Gateways, Security Management and Multi-Domain Server.

All methods are appliance-specific and can only be restored on the same model of appliance.

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