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Move traffic flow from checkpoint A to B.

Hello Guys, wondering if someone could help. I am currently trying to move all internet traffic from checkpoint A to checkpoint B. I am currently testing on myself. The reason for this is because CPU usage is high on checkpoint A which is 4000 appliance version R80.10 and checkpoint B is 5000 appliance version R80.10. I would like to test myself ONLY for now where my http and https traffic flows out of checkpoint B. I have attached some diagrams hopefully this will helps, the red arrow is where I want my traffic to go, the riverbed talks to both checkpoint A and B. My question is how do I make myself flow out of checkpoint B. I am almost certain there is something I need to do in the checkpoint



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It would help to know what the network at Layer 3 looks like in this diagram.
Specifically: what is the default route for your test PC and how the other elements in your diagram relate.
If your outbound traffic ultimately flows to the Riverbed before going out Gateway A, then the Riverbed must be configured (somehow) to route traffic from your test client out Gateway B.
If the client, Riverbed, and Check Point devices are all on the same Layer 3 network then you can change your default route on your client to point to Gateway B.
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