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Monitoring VSX Appliance and VSs via SNMP

Hello Everyone



I have 2 VSX appliances and each has 5 Virtual systems running in each in Active and standby mode.

I need to monitor the VSX appliances as well as all the Virtual Systems on each.


VSX appliances are being monitored Okay but VS does not show much. VSs are only being seen as Linux box/vm via net-snmp.



How can be seen other states on VS?

Is there any guide/sk doc with detailed SNMP info?

Anything other than this doc:

Kind regards,


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First of all make sure to run "set snmp vs-direct-access on"
It makes your life alot easier when it comes to monitoring, failovers etc.
What we currently monitoring on VS is connections, interface, policy installation and a few others.

Sadly Check Point did a *** job when it comes to how it monitor CPU usage of each specific VS, more or less that CPU graph is unreliable Check Points CPU graph on VS monitoring is showing details on avg of cpu cores without considering the number of cores allocated to each VS.

R&D asked us to make an RFE to be able to get real CPU statistics per VS, maybe its something changed later on but for R80.30 its still this issue atleast.

Thanks, @Magnus-Holmberg for your reply.

I'm monitoring the VSX appliance as it shows all the VS, connections, and VS Status:

vsxCountersConnNum, vsxStatusHAState, vsxStatusVsName. But these MIBs aren't available from the VS itself.

I would like to monitor further more that

 - which VS is being used more than any other VS.

- which Rule has is being more than any other in any VS

there' s list that I like to go through.


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