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Monitoring IP address on bond interface

I have configured bond on two interfaces eth1 and eth2. Both of the interfaces are external facing and connect to our ISP with same address range at different locations. I have configured them on active/standby mode.

I want  to know if I can set monitoring on the interface such like a ping fails to for 10 times failover to another interface in the bond?

for example from eth1 if ping fails to then failover to eth2 and make eth 2 primary until eth1 comes back up and vice versa

please help me out with this

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You can change routes or cluster member status based on pings.

Changing interface status of a bond member is likely possible using scripting but isn't a natively supported approach that I'm aware of so would require an RFE.

Again, this is not a common use case for a bond that we see in the field.

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