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Mobile Access SSL Access


I've enabled Mobile Access using one of the available IP addresses from our ISP pool, not used for any other service. In addition, I moved the GAIA service to the port 4434. Right after, all the SSL services running on different addresses and NATed to internal IPs stopped working and only the GAIA menu was shown. How can the SSL VPN portal be enabled only on a particular IP without impacting on the rest of the services using the same port but on different IPs?

On the other hand, is there any way to pre-provision the SSL network extender client instead of having the user to connect to the portal?


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Many different portals actually use port 443 on the Security Gateway.

What controls access to them is an infrastructure called MultiPortal.

This allows the Gaia Portal and the MAB portal to co-exist on the same port.

You can definitely pre-install the Check Point Mobile client as its a regular MSI and will use a Mobile Access license.

Believe this can be done with SNX as well, but am less familiar with the steps for that.

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