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Migration of Standalone HA to new set of hardwares in distributed set up

hi Everyone,

One of our customer wants to migrate the existing Standalone HA Firewalls (CP 4800 R77.20) to another set of  4800 unit and new SMS server in distributed set up  with R77.30

the migration plan which I proposed to the customer as below.

Snapshot of the current running unit and export to the new unit which is the same model (4800)

Convert the Standalone HA to distributed Set up-sk44201

Upgrade the SMS and Gateways to R77.30

please let me know is there any other better approach to do this or should i follow the same migration plan.

Hoping a quick response 

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Sounds like a reasonable approach, but why not R80.10?

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4800's and R80.10? I think that is not a very comfortable combination at best.

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we tried the same migration process but after importing database from primary HA unit to the SMS server.

In SMS server , primary gateway object is showing as management object . so in this case do we need to change the SMS object name to different name  or change the Primary gateway object .

what about ICA certificate does it changes if we change the primary firewall object.

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