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Migrate configuration from an old device (R77.30) to a new device with R80.10

Hello Team,

We're going to need to install some new devices with the R80.10 version, and I was wondering how to convert the configuration of the R77.30 of old devices to the R80.10 version of new devices.

I have thought about installing a virtual machine with R77.30 and the configuration of R77.30, and then migrate this machine to R80.10 and get the configuration from there.

Any Ideas?.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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Employee Employee

That's definitely one way. Or you can simply execute (copy/paste) required config commands from "show configuration" manually on the new boxes. Just remember that you cannot execute all lines at once as shown in the output, just try to group them logically. Depends really how complex and long is your config. We did the latter option of manual copy/paste as config was fairly short (~100 lines) and we didn't have any overly complex stuff - dns, ntp, backup, users, interfaces, routes. Saying that VM option is much "cleaner" as it will take care of any settings that potentially has changed between releases by itself. 



I will suggest migration from R77.30 to R80.10. All the configuration will be migrated.

In Manual Copy/Paste, you may forget something and there will be an error at the end.

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If you are talking about management server and not gateways, and are not referring only to Gaia configuration, but the Check Point objects, policies, etc., then the approach you have described is a good one.

Just make sure that if you are moving from appliances to VM and back to appliances, naming of the interfaces will be different on VM. If you want to preserve naming of the interfaces, you can do so by following sk69621.

Additionally, you may want to pay close attention to the partition sizes of the VM and whatever you do, do not deploy it from OVF, use ISO with Open Server as a platform.

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