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Management R80.30 restore

I need to do a restore of my management server R80.30 running on a VM.

I have a backup from Gaia and a VM Veeam backup.

I am going to restore from the Veeam backup, is anyone aware of any gotchas that may not be in the documentation?

Many thanks

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OK that worked, some broad brush strokes on how we did it

Took a snapshot in Gaia

Shut down the VM gracefully halt -p

Renamed the VM to MGT_Server_bak

Disconnected the virtual interface (just in case someone powers it back up)

 Veeam instant restore (took us about 1 hour 30mins)

Migrated to production

Checked VM network adapter

                In the correct network/Vlan

Check “Connect at power on” selected

Powered up

Checked clock NTP updated (sk92602)

Nervously watched Top on the CLI till the Java processes settled

Am I seeing logs? (I have to say I have a separate events/log server)

Pushed policy to a less important Gateway (if I can find one).

Add the rules back in that where added in the 2 hours that it took me to get permission to call a change freeze.

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