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MDPS and GAIA system backup using SCP


I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. I've recently enabled the MDPS feature on our CP firewalls which are running R80.40. I'm unable to get the system backups (SCP) to work and I suspect it could be related to the separation of the management and data plane. The strange thing is that I can SCP files from the GAIA CLI to the external server, just not from the GAIA web UI.

When I check the server I can see the file is created but no content and on the GAIA web UI it gets stuck at 99% and eventually will fail. I have also noticed that the logs on the firewall show that the server ACK response to the SSH (SCP) are shown as being dropped as out of state 'First packet isn't SYN'. My initial thoughts are that the SCP from GAIA web UI is not using the Mgmt interface and that is why the firewall drops the response which comes back to the Mgmt interface?

Has anyone had any similar issues with system backups after enabling MDPS and if so is there something I need to add to the MDPS tasks maybe?



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