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LoadBalacing using ConnectControl on 5000 Appliances



Is ConnectControl still supported on R80.40? I am trying to achieve load balancing for 3 servers. 2 on perm and 1 in the cloud.

currently, i have only 1 server nat'ed, which means i have a single point of failure, hence the need of load balacing.


ConnectControl looks promising, but i have read multiple blogs some states its not recomended and some say its fine.

Is there anything to be aware of before setting up ConnectControl on the firewall?

How robust is this solution by checkpoint? would it good for both short term and long term solution?

Any other load balancing ideas on the CP, please let me know.

The server that i want to load balance are running Email systems.


HW setup:

Version: R80.40

ClusterXL of 5000 appliance.


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ConnectionControl is a legacy feature that isn't being developed further to my understanding.

Note also that R80.40 is EOL this month.

Suggest exploring architectures involving CloudGuard WAF (AppSec) with your local SE.

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