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Latency measurement

Customer has a R77.30 (VSX) environment. There are complaints about Office365 being slower when working in the office (compared to working at home). They have roughly 1.5 to 2 k users.

A packet capture can provide insight but ..... that would rather overwelming to work through.

Anyone have a smarter suggestion to find the cause of the higher latency?

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Most of the standard performance troubleshooting techniques still apply even with VSX.

tcpdump is not usually the first choice for this.

I'd be looking at physical interfaces (are there any drops, etc), is CoreXL/SecureXL optimized appropriately, etc. 

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Need a lot more information here:

1) Is Office 365 access constantly slow or only during certain periods?

2) Is HTTPS Inspection of Office 365 traffic enabled?

3) How much Internet bandwidth do you have and what is the utilization level?

4) Are other sites slow or just Office 365?

5) When Office 365 is slow, launch a continuous 1300 byte ping to the Internet from the same workstation accessing Office 365, is there any high or wildly varying latency (jitter) or flat-out packet loss?

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